Welcome To Gamistaan

In today’s fast paced world dominated by gadgets, Gamistaan serves your need to unwind, relax and recharge with family and friends who matter most to you. Quite simply, we believe in the power of bringing people together.

We are board game enthusiasts who cross our fingers every time we roll a dice or draw a card as we may be defending our planet from alien invasion or building an ancient civilization or even saving humanity from an epidemic.

Gamistaan.in is India’s first ALL-IN-ONE venture that aims to introduce board games in terms of rental, buy, social & corporate events to help develop this hobby and to simply help spread smiles and laughter. Be it a strategy game for the competitive, an ice-breaker game for a party or a jocular family game – Gamistaan.in has it all!

Join our clan to UNPLUG from your daily digital lives, UNBOX fun new board games & UNWIND happily for hours at the end.




  • We want to give you experiences that make your life just a little better, one moment/ one evening / one weekend at a time. All of them, unforgettable. 🙂


  • To spread & promote board games as a mainstream recreational hobby for everyone by expanding the horizon and re-discovering board gaming in India 🙂