Games have a special place in the spectrum of play and life! Game night brings families and friends together without the technology that separates us. Board games are educational experiences that strengthen social bonds, encourage cooperation and interaction, and benefit everyone in our community!

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Exclusive access to 300+ International Games.

Mission to engage all age groups from 8 -99 

Unique fun engagement for digital detoxification.

Perfect destination for your entertainment 

  • 250+ Board Games – Different experience every single time
  • Reserve your game, choose your time, UNBOX HAPPINESS
  •  Rental starts as low as INR 99 per day
  • 10 or 100, the entire group is engaged in fun
  • Wedding Special Events viz Carnival, Mehendi Games etc
  • Litt Casino Nights for entertainment only with next gen games
  • Special Events viz. Pool Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivities & Club Meets.
  • Board Game Tournaments & Meetups
  • Conduct Employee Engagement Sessions with uniquely entertaining and skilfully fun table top games.
  • Standalone Sessions viz. Stress Busters, Ice Breakers, Team Building & Fun days at Work.
  • Games @ Office Get-Togethers