Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • Rental Reservation
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  • Payment, Security Deposit & Refund Policy
  • Shipping Policy
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What are board games / tabletop games?

- A game played on a flat surface (usually a table) which includes board games and card games.

What kind of board games do you have?

- Gamistaan’s curated collection boasts of unique international board games along with classic games that are quick to understand, exciting to play, develops as well as enhances skill through a fun light-hearted game.

How many games do you have?

- We are aiming to offer you a new game board game, every single day of the year. Our game library consists of 300+ games, specially curated for you. New games are added every month to this collection.

Do you sell games?

- Currently, we are offering limited games. Check our online store However, we can source your desired game from our vendor partners. Contact us to request your desired game.

What would be the estimated delivery time for purchasing games?

- Normally it would be 5-7 working days. However in case of ‘Request a Game’, we shall confirm the fulfillment and shipping timelines separately.

Rental Reservation

How do customers make reservations?

- Customers can make reservation on our website at Reservations can also be made through our mobile application - android / ios (coming soon)

Can I extend my rental duration after booking?

- Of course! If you would like to extend the reservation - Please drop us an email - [email protected] OR send us a whatsapp text at 9803-9803-32 with the days you would like to extend the booking along with the booking details. A. We shall provide you a special extension coupon to book the extended time (The extension will only be confirmed upon payment of balance rental amount at the checkout page, subject to availability)

How does the Gamistaan Membership Program work?

- Please check our special membership loyalty program at

Social & Corporate

I would like to organise a game night at my venue. Does Gamistaan host private events?

- We host private get-togethers / family game night/kitty parties for minimum 4 and maximum number can be discussed. We would choose perfect games for your fam and share our expertise to make the game setups and gameplay as smooth as possible. Contact us for more details.

Do you host corporate events?

- Yes we do! Our sessions are perfect ice-breakers and delightfully interactive. It would encourage initiative, leadership and team building. It would enable them to take a much-needed break from the daily stressful and digital world. Contact us for more details.

What kind of games for social and corporate events?

- We have built a collection of exclusive games for the social as well corporate segment. These NextGen Board Games will create an unforgettable experience for you and your squad.

Payment, Security Deposit & Refund Policy

How can I pay the rental amount?

The rent amount can be paid through :

  1. Debit card/ Credit card
  2. Mobile wallets
  3. Net banking
  4. UPI

- Kindly note, your order is CONFIRMED only after you pay the deposit. The deposit amount can be paid via DIRECT UPI or PAYTM after reservation is made before the delivery at boredgames@icici.

Does Gamistaan have Cash on Delivery?

- No, Cash on Delivery (COD) option is NOT available for board game rentals.

Why do I need to pay a security deposit?

- We trust that you will handle the items with utmost care but the deposit acts a safety net in case something goes wrong. The deposit builds trust and increases the incentive for the US to provide access to high value board games ranging upto 10k.

How can I pay the security deposit?

- The deposit amo [email protected] unt can be paid via UPI or Paytm after reservation is made.

How will the security deposit be refunded?

- Once the booking is complete and the product is returned to us, our team will review and do a quality check of the products for any internal or external damages.

What happens in case an item or any accessory gets accidentally damaged/lost during the rental period?

- In case of any damage or loss, w.r.t to an item or any accessory, the customer would be responsible for it and would be liable to pay according to the agreed Terms & Conditions

When will the deposit be refunded?

- If the quality is unmutilated subject to our designed standards, we will initiate an *instant refund* and you can expect to receive it to the original source of payment within 12-24 hours.

I wish to cancel my order? What is the process for this?

- For cancelling an order, you may drop an email with the request to [email protected]. Our Team will confirm the cancellation and refund the amount within 24 hours.However, the refund amount depends on the number of days we are informed prior to the order date.

Please refer to the table below:

Cancellation Scenarios
A customer cancels the order 48 hours or more before the delivery / self-pickup date. 25% of the rent amount will be deducted. The rest of the amount will be refunded.
A customer cancels the order 24 hours or more before the delivery / self-pickup date. 50% of the rent amount will be deducted. The rest of the amount will be refunded.
A customer cancels the order within 24 hours or less before the delivery / self-pickup date. 75% of the rent amount will be deducted. The rest of the amount will be refunded
A customer cancels the other on the day of the delivery/ self-pickup date. The entire rental amount will be deducted
What happens if I want an early completion/termination of my booking?

- We currently do not offer refunds in such cases. However, we would suggest to keep the product as reserved or return it to us in extreme cases.

Shipping Policy

Do I have to pay for home delivery - pick up or drop?

- Yes, the delivery and pick-up amount would be added at the checkout stage.
- We have kept it as economical as possible as mutually decided with our logistics partner.

Does Gamistaan offer instant home delivery?

- Yes, get your booking delivered to you at the earliest.

What are the working hours at Gamistaan for pickup/drop/home delivery?

- Bookings placed with time slots between 10 AM - 10:00 PM shall be fulfilled the same day.
In case of delivery bookings having a time slot after 10:00 PM, it would be fulfilled the next day at the earliest.
Self pick and drop shall be available till 10 pm from Monday to Sunday

What happens if I return my products late?

- We understand there might be times that you might be running late. We accept late deliveries upto 30 minutes from the booked time slot.
In case you exceed this timeslot,an additional day's rent will be charged.

I had initially booked my order for Self-Pickup/Drop. Is it possible to change this to Delivery now?

- If you wish to convert the order to delivery, please send us an email at [email protected] OR drop us a whatsapp text at 9803-9803-32 at least 12 hours before the scheduled time slot. Gamistaan will be happy to convert this as long as the delivery address falls within our delivery time limits.

What is the distance limit for home delivery?

- We are currently serving upto 8 kms from our base location for standard charges.
Over and above the distance, an incremental distance fee shall be charged separately.


How does GAMISTAAN subscription work?

- Our subscription model works on a monthly basis. You can subscribe to a game of your choice for at least one month with an extension option up to 3 months with no auto debit.

What's the cost and how many games do I get at a time?

- Our prices range from 249 to 399 per month and you can choose up to 4 games at a time.

How long can I keep my games?

- Minimum is 1 month with an extension option up to 3 months

What are the additional charges and recurring charges?

- Basic Subscription will be 249 to 399 per month and the same amount will be recurring per month. There will be one-time sign-up fee to become a subscriber, valid for 3 months

What is the switching option?

- You can switch switch the game you are currently subscribed to at any point in time say 5th day or 15th day or 45th day, you can do so unlimited number of times.

How much do I have to pay to switch?

- You will not be charged the monthly fees but only nominal shipping charges and sign-up fee.

If I subscribe /switch today, when will my subscription start?

- Your subscription / switch period begins from the day your game is delivered at your doorstep.

Can I request games not currently in our library?

- Absolutely, contact us via email or phone pr simply, fill the ‘request a new game’ form on the catalogue page and we can take this into consideration when making our inventory purchases within 30 days.

What if I'm charged for the 2nd month without my approval?

- Firstly, this cannot happen as we have disabled the option with our payment gateway partner but if it does, we will refund the amount within 24 hours.

What do I do if a game is missing pieces upon arrival?

- If you get a game with missing pieces, please email us or WhatsApp us right away and tell us what is missing. We will generally work with you to provide a satisfactory resolution.