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Welcome to Gamistaan, your ultimate destination for board games and gaming experiences in India. Founded to unite people through tabletop gaming, Gamistaan offers entertainment, fun, and connection. With 300+ curated board games, including classics, modern strategies, and party favorites, our collection ensures endless entertainment.

Gamistaan goes beyond a board game store, specializing in unforgettable wedding gaming experiences. From customized setups to themed selections, we turn weddings into gaming extravaganzas. Additionally, we offer convenient board game rental and subscriptions for all occasions.

Join Gamistaan for laughter, strategy, and connection through board gaming. Discover the joy of playing together and create lasting memories.



Gamistaan's mission is to foster connections, create memorable gaming experiences, and promote board gaming's love across India. We offer diverse board games, innovative wedding gaming, and accessible rental and subscription services, bringing people closer through gaming.


At Gamistaan, we envision board games strengthening relationships, encouraging social interaction, and sparking creativity. We aspire to be India's premier gaming destination, ensuring every event is filled with the excitement and laughter only board games can provide.