Sneakup Bluffing Dice

★ The Boisterous, Bluffing Dice Game

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No. of Players 2-6
Playing Time 10 - 30 Minutes
Age ( Years ) 10+

Secretly Roll the Die. Then…Tell the Truth, or Tell a Bluff! Just Make Sure You Don’t Get Caught!

To play, first you secretly roll the die in the cylindrical cup. Do not show anyone what number you rolled! Decide whether to tell the truth, or tell a bluff. For example, if you rolled a 3, you can announce you rolled a 3 (truth) or say you rolled a 5 (bluff).

Announce which number you rolled, by telling the truth or bluffing, and then wait 5 seconds for another player to call a bluff. If no bluffs are called, move your pawn the number of spaces you called out.

After you have moved your pawn, the player to the left goes next. Watch out for special cards that can give you a free turn or an extra coin! Players take turns rolling the die, telling the truth or bluffing, until one of them makes it to the last card.

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