Pool Ball Target Toss

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  • ✔ EFFORTLESS FUN IN THE POOL: Bring the fun outdoors with the Inflatable Target Toss game by Discovery Kids! Float the target in the water and test your aim with the color-coded balls!
  • ✔ EASY TARGET GAME: The target features brightly colored and numbered pockets representing different point values, so land the ball in the goals and try to rack up the highest score!
  • ✔ GREAT FOR ALL AGES: Perfect for kids and adults, this child-friendly game is great for family game night and children young and old.
  • ✔ USE IN THE POOL, ON THE LAWN, OR INDOORS: Anchor the target in the pool with the included tether rope, or let it float freely for an extra challenge! You can even use the game on the lawn or indoors.
  • ✔ READY TO USE – JUST ADD AIR: The game is ready to go out of the box – just inflate and go!
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