Game for Fame

★ The Hilarious Party Board Game

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No. of Players 4 - 16
Playing Time 15 - 45 Minutes
Age ( Years ) 12+
  • THE UK’S TOP SELLING PARTY GAME. Since 2020, Game For Fame has been one of Amazon UK’s most popular board games. Why? Because it’s hilarious! Just check our reviews.
  • CHARADES WITH A CELEBRITY TWIST. Avoid Rehab! Dodge taxes! Backstab your nearest and dearest! Game For Fame is the board game that mocks and celebrates all things celebrity as you claw your way to the dizzying heights of fame and fortune. Take a card, complete the challenge, and trigger endless amounts of laughter.
  • NO REAL TALENT REQUIRED! Just like the real world of showbiz, you can win Game For Fame with little to no talent. Talk with your tongue out. Gargle a soundtrack. Forget your friends, ditch your family, be a star! Winner takes all.
  • A GENERATION GAME. Not THAT generation game, we just mean it’s as much a hit with 10-yr-olds as it is their grandparents. With 4-16 players it’s also perfect for every Christmas party.
  • EVEN REAL CELEBS LOVE IT. We’re not into bragging (much), but since you made it to the bottom bullet: Cosmo’s game of the year, twice! And This Morning’s ‘Must have game’. Must. Have.
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